Carnival is a party much loved by the Neapolitans, the city is colored and everywhere you can breathe joy and joy. Neapolitan carnival traditions are many and very old, but still respected by everyone today.
How to celebrate the Carnival in Naples? Let’s find out together.

The Neapolitans at Carnival always eat small talk and black pudding. The rumors are very famous sweets throughout Italy, although they are called with different names depending on the area. Neapolitan rumors are thin strips of fried dough covered with icing sugar and usually served with black pudding. The latter is a dark chocolate cream that, in antiquity, was prepared by adding pork blood. But do not worry, today this tradition has fallen into disuse, and the black pudding is made of 100% chocolate!

As in many other parts of the world, even in Naples children dress up at Carnival. It is very funny to walk through the streets of the city during the Carnival week and observe the never banal disguises of the children. The Neapolitans have great imagination and the disguises of the little ones are often surprising.

But in the week of Carnival you have to be very careful even to the jokes of the Neapolitan “scugnizzi”. The rule is “at Carnival every joke is worth” and the children have fun making fun and original jokes to adults. Do not wear your best clothes, you could get dirty!

The Carnival party has very ancient origins and in the history of Naples has always had great importance. In the eighteenth century, in fact, King Charles of Bourbon organized great celebrations throughout the city, much awaited by the people and nobility. The king had built the so-called “cuccagne”, wooden structures covered with food that was donated to the people throughout the city. Even the Neapolitan nobles loved the Carnival, organizing elegant fancy dress parties in the most beautiful buildings of the city of Naples. The Neapolitans are very fond of these traditions, which is why this year the Naples Neapolitan Carnival was presented in Naples, presented by Travelers and the City, a masked event that will commemorate a carnival festival typical of that wonderful historical period of the city.
Come to the #ForoCarolino, you will live the experience of a #tour among the Neapolitan carnival traditions.

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