Our Story

There are places that bring something “magical” with them, not those classical locations where  you stop to sleep and admire the city.

There are places where you can breath “the history”, the real one, of the most beautiful metropolis in the world and perhaps as usually said the great travellers “the most beautiful to the world”.

Foro Carolino was born under the “banner” of a King who has never been forgotten, different for habit and for love he gave to his people.

Charles III of Spain was an “enlightened” sovereign, surrounded by intellectuals, artists and politicians who made Naples a great European capital and a very popular destination for the Gran Tour, able to bewitch Montesquieu, Goethe, Stendhal.

In the 1800s King Ferdinand II, grandson and successor, took advantage of the care of Stephen Trinchera, university professor and court physician who, for skill and loyalty, received as a gift from the Sovereign a “real” apartment located in the square dedicated to his August predecesor and anciently  denomineted Foro Carolino.

The time has modified the city over the years making it more modern and frantic, but this has not decreased the bond of the family  Trinchera that in that residence  has decided to create one of the most prestigious B & B in Italy and in Europe for history, customer care and love for its own city.

From Stefano Trinchera, noble person of culture, to Francesco Gala Trinchera, lawyer of the Neapolitan forum, the years have passed but remains unchanged the “pleasure” of preserving that uniqueness that derives from the investiture of a King, but today can be enjoyed by visitors coming from every part.

Welcome to the Foro Carolino, take a seat in a cross-section of the Neapolitan history realized taking into account the past without neglecting the technology and the best services available to our customers.